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Save more with Discounted House Party Kits for Unicorn themed birthday party supplies & decorations !

Unicorn themed birthday party supplies & decorations

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Unicorn theme parties are trending now, especially among the girls. And why not? This theme party spreads a magical vibe and it has become every girl's dream to have an unicorn party. So why not make your little daughter's special day even more special by throwing her an unicorn theme party? To make it easier for you we are offering a pack of colorful unicorn supplies.

The pack offers colorful welcome posters. These unicorn posters will make your entrance look dazzling and appealing to your guests. In order to prevent your walls from looking empty, the pack offers an unicorn backdrop that can be customized according to your child's name, age and other snippets of text. Each guest can be welcomed with a unicorn party hat, which will make them look  adorable. Your party area can be further decorated with our unicorn posters by hanging them from the ceiling or pasting them on the walls. The party can be given a finishing touch by decorating the hall with a bunch of balloons provided in the pack. Apart from the balloons in the pack we also have pink and white polka dotted balloons, metallic balloons and helium balloons. 

If you are planning a proper unicorn theme party why not look at our other supplies, apart from our pack? Beginning with the invites, we offer attractive invitation cards than can be customized according to your preference. Along with the unicorn party hats, your guests can also be given cute little wrist bands to spread the unicorn magic even more. The party area can be decorated further by hanging unicorn danglers. 

The best way to make your unicorn party look even more fascinating is by adding our unicorn table cover along with our customized centre pieces, cupcake stands, paper cups, plates, tissues and food labels. 

A party without a photo session is totally incomplete and so we offer a bunch of extraordinary photo booth props to make your party even more exciting. Your guests are the most important part of your party and their wishes are even more important to you. So why not ask them to pen down their wishes for your child in our customized wish book? 

Last but not the least thank your guests with our customized return gift bags filled with amazing gifts, candies and a little thank you card.

Every party is incomplete without games. So here are few Unicorn theme party games:

Create your own unicorn horn

This game is extremely simple. You will just to have to provide the children with certain materials like cotton candy cones or card stock folded like a funnel to create a cone, a hole puncher, ribbons, glue and some glitter. Handover each guest the materials and ask them to make their own unicorn horn. Once the horn is complete keep it aside for drying. Once it is dried attach ribbons on either side of the horn with the hole puncher and ask each child to tie it around their head. The child who designed the most creative horn will be the winner.

Rainbow wranglers

This game is fun and requires a lot of space. Pick any two children to be the wranglers. Assign two children with one color. For example, if there are 10 children, choose five colors and assign two children with each color. The wranglers will have to call out any color and the children with that color will have to run without being caught by the wranglers. If they are caught by the wranglers they will become the next wranglers and they will have to call out a color. This process continues. If they are not caught by the wranglers the old wranglers will have to continue being the wranglers till they don't catch two children. Note that the wranglers will have to catch hands while running.

Birthday parties are all about making it a memorable one for you and your family for the rest of your lives. This theme party is a very promising one, that'll be etched in your child's mind as he grows.