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Aeroplane Theme Birthday Party Decoration Supplies

Every kid loves to fly and we are sure that your kid loves to do the same too. So why not throw your kid an Aeroplane theme party for his/her next birthday party? Our airplane theme party is extremely unique and innovative. We have a wide range of supplies that are creative and that will make the party an ultimate blockbuster. 

The pack offers a backdrop that can be customized according to your child's name, age and  other snippets of text to make the party decor more fun. Our welcome posters will make your entrance look attractive and appealing to your guests. We offer 10 party hats with cute plane clip arts engraved on it. In order to make your party hall look captivating , the most striking colors of balloons, red and blue are provided in the pack. To make your party look even more exciting, airplane posters can be put up on the walls and ceiling.

Apart from our party pack we also provide other supplies. Starting with the invitation cards, we offer customized invitation cards and it can be according to your preference. To make your party look even more attracive we offer polka dotted balloons in both red and white and blue and white. If you want more choices then we also have helium and metallic balloons. Other than balloons, customized birthday buntings are also available which can be put up on the centre of the wall.

Don't miss out on our table covers and centerpieces, they are one of a kind and can be complemented along with our customized paper plates, cups, cupcake toppers, food labels and tissues.

Both children and adults love being a part of the photograph session and so we offer a bunch of customized quirky photo booth props. 

Your guests are the most important part of your party as they are the one's who make it even more special for your child. So thanking them is a must with our return gift bags filled with special gifts and candies and thank you cards.

A party can never be complete without playing some entertaining games: Here are few aero-plane theme party games:


Make a list of different airports. Write the name of each airport on tiny chits and put them inside a basket. Also, write the name of each airport on a banner or sign board and hang them around the walls. Play some music and ask the children to swing their hands and run around the party area. Once the music stops each child must go to a particular airport of their choice. Take out a chit from the basket and call out the name of the airport loud. The name of the airport that has been called out must get eliminated. This process should continue till a single player is left. He/she is the winner of the game. Gift him/her with a small present.


This game is similar to lemon and spoon. To play this game, divide the kids into two teams. Hand over each team a tray. At the other end of the party area arrange a set of items that a flight attendant might carry like food, bottles, cutlery, magazines ,newspapers and so on.. Each team must choose one player for the task from their respective team. The player must carry the empty tray to the other end of the party area, fetch the items and carry it back to their team. The tray must be as heavy as possible so that the player cannot balance it. If the player drops any one of the item, his/her team will have to go back and start all over again. Whichever team reaches first, without dropping anything, will win the game.