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Race Car Theme Party Supplies

Race Car Theme Party

Confused about what theme you should keep for your little son's birthday party? Then the best way is to think about what your son likes to play the most! Being a boy, of course he loves playing with cars. So, why not throw him a Race Car Theme Party? He will have a blast with our Race Car theme party supplies. Here are some ideas that can be utilized in your race car theme party.


Invite your little racers with our customized race theme invites. You can shape the invites to a car and enter the details that you wish to add.


Welcome your little racers with our Race car welcome poster. The welcome poster is available in our super saver pack! To spread the aura of the race car theme, you can have  checkered flag cutouts on either side of the entrance. Further, to emphasize on the theme you can keep cut- outs that are a part of live car racing, like one way cutout, directions etc. Welcome your racers with our race car party hats along with our wrist bands and party blowers.

Party area decoration

Let's make this race car party theme interesting and attractive for your little racers. Decorate the stage area with our customized race car theme backdrop. You can customize the back drop by adding your little one's age name and photo. Hang, our customized car shaped wall and ceiling hangings. Apart from the car shaped ceiling hangings, you can also add our checkered flag cut outs and one way board cut outs. We are ready to customize other props that will match the theme. Now let's not stop the decoration with this. Decorate the entire hall with red and yellow balloons. We also have car shaped foil balloons that will enhance the race car theme to the fullest. If you are planning to do the cake cutting on the stage then you require a table. Decorate the table with our customized race car table cloth. Surround the table with our race car bunting.

Dinning room

Treat your guests with the best of all.  Cover the tables with our customized race car table covers. To make the table look appealing and attractive to your guests, place our centrepieces. Serve your guests food and beverages in our race car theme plates and cups. If you are serving them cup cakes then don't forget to place the cup cakes on our cake stands. Make your cup cakes look complete with our cup cake toppers.

Return Gift Bags

Your guests are the one's who will make your party fun and exciting. So, why not thank them with some presents put inside our race car gift bags. Attach cut little thank you cards with each return gift bag.


Following are some of the games that can be played in a race car theme party:

Hot Wheels

To play this game you will require rubber tyres. Divide the kids into different teams and give each team a tyre, that will be suitable for their age. Every team player will get a chance to push their tyre along a marked track and back again. The first team to finish wins. You can award the winning team with tiny presents.

Find the flag

This game can be played, depending upon age group. If the kids are little older to understand then this game is one of the best games. Divide the kids into two or three teams. Hide a checkered flag somewhere within the party hall. Give them clues through rhymes or other hints so it will become easier for them to find out. The team that finds the flag first will be the winner.

We at Untumble, want to satisfy our customers to the fullest and hence we promise that we will make your child's party memorable.