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Save more with Discounted House Party Kits for Dino Theme Supplies | Dinosaur Party Decorations !

Dino Theme Supplies | Dinosaur Party Decorations


Your child's birthday is around the corner and you have no idea which theme to come up with, right?If your child is an animal lover, then a dinosaur theme party is perfect! We have the best supplies for a dinosaur theme party. Here are a list of ideas and supplies, that can be used for a perfect dinosaur themed party. 


Invite your guests with our customized invites. These rectangular invites can be personalized, according to your preference.


To spread the vibes of the dinosaur theme party, begin with the entrance. Use our best selling dinosaur welcome poster. Decorate either sides of the entrance with our latex or metallic, yellow and green balloons. If you are looking for some printed balloons, then try out our polka dotted balloons. Make your guests feel special with our customized dinosaur party hats. and wrist brands. You can customize it, to your preference.


Being a unique theme party, every element used in the party must be unique. Use our dinosaur backdrop to bring out the effect. You can customize it according to your child's name, age, photograph and other snippets of text. Decorate the hall with a bunch of balloons, balloon bouquets and dinosaur foil balloons. Your party hall might still look empty! Further, decorate the wall and ceilings with our dinosaur posters. These posters can also be used as a part of stage decoration. Photo booths are in trend! So, don't forget to grab our customized photo booths.


Decorate your tables with our customized table covers. Place our center pieces on the center of each table. Serve your guests with our polka dotted paper plates, cups and tissue papers. Treat your guests with some yummy cup cakes, and place them on our customized cup cake stands.


Thank your guests with our customized return gift bags. You can add some goodies and candies, as well.


Passing the egg

This game is similar to passing the parcel. Replace the parcel with a water balloon or a ball, whichever resembles a dinosaur egg. Ask your little dinosaurs to form a circle. Play some music, and ask your dinosaurs to pass the egg. When the music stops, the kid holding the egg will be eliminated. Continue this process until one kid is left. He/she will be the winner!

Pin the tail on the dinosaur

Draw a huge dinosaur on a chart paper and seal it on a board. Make sure that the dinosaur doesn't have a tail. Supply each kid with paper and color pencils and ask them to draw and color a dinosaur tail. Help them to cut the tail of the dinosaur, in a perfect shape. Arrange the kids one behind the other. Blind fold each kid and and ask them to place the tail that they have designed on the right position on the chart.They can place the tail with, double sided tape. The child who places the tail on the right position, is the winner!

Dinosaur party hats for the Rawr... Party

Dinosaur party hats for the Rawr... Party