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Sunshine Theme Baby Shower

Sunshine Theme Baby Shower

A baby shower is a ceremony or a small celebration organized a few months before the child's birth. Having a normal  baby shower is cliche. So why not have a sunshine themed baby shower? It is unique and classy. 


Invite your guests with our wide range of customizable invites. The invites can be shaped to a sun or a scroll. 


If it is a home party then our supplies are apt for your requirement. Welcome your guests with our attractive sun shined themed door hanger. You can also add a few sunshine themed danglers on either side of the door if you think it looks to plain. 

Hall Decor

Place our adorable sunshine theme backdrop on your wall. The backdrop can be customized according to your preference. Since it is a sun shine theme baby shower you can use our yellow and white polka dotted balloons and spread it around the hall. Balloon bouquets are trending and they look extremely adorable. You can have a balloon bouquet with a baby shaped foil balloon along with few other balloons. Our sunshine theme bunting can be used to decorate the table or any wall. You can also use our yellow paper pom poms for the ceiling. 

A baby shower is the most important day in a woman's life. So the best way to cherish this day is to capture a few memories. You can use our funky photo props along with our photo booth. And you are all set to create some amazing moments. 

Dinning Room Decor

Serve your guests with our yellow and white polka dotted paper plates and cups. If you are serving your guests cupcakes you can place it on our customized cup cake stand and also use our sun shine theme cup cake toppers. 

Return Gifts

Thank your guests with our customized return gift bags. Add some goodies to it and also attach a thank you card along with each return gift bag. 

Games For Sunshine Theme Baby Shower

Bobbing For Pacifiers

For this game you will require a large tub filled with pacifiers.  One by one ask each guest to come forward and try bobbing the pacifiers with their hands behind their back. The player who collects the maximum pacifiers is the winner. 

Hang The Diaper

Split your guests into 6-7 teams. Each team should have only four players. Two players should hold their own strings on either sides. Set a time limit and ask the other two members of each team to hang the diapers. The team that hangs the maximum number of diapers in the given time limit is the winner.