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Underwater Theme Birthday Party Decoration/Supplies

Ocean / Underwater Theme Birthday Party 

Come witness our dreamy and magical underwater theme! This magnificent theme, will no doubt leave your guests in awe. Keeping in mind, the age of young toddlers this theme is very fascinating  for them. The ocean theme has it's own spark, the spark that will brighten the entire party area. From bubbles to shells, sea plants to sea animals we can customize all the props to give it a perfect underwater look. Here are a list of supplies and idea, that you can use in your underwater theme party.

Ideas for underwater theme party


The invite can be shaped to a mermaid or be a scroll inside a corked bottle.


Let the guests to enter through a tunnel entering the ocean deep, or through the jaws of a blue whale! You can also decorate the entrance with blue balloons and other underwater plants and animals cut-outs. The entrance can have welcome posters and each guest can be given a underwater party hat and wrist band as soon as they enter. 

Party area decoration

Beginning from the stage area, the stage can be decorated with a blue underwater back drop. Cut- outs of sea animals and plants can be put up on the walls and ceilings.Latex balloons and metallic balloons have a shiny effect, and so they can give the perfect underwater look. We also have animal shaped foil balloons and polka dotted balloons. The ceilings can be decorated with jelly fish and coral reef hangings. Further, you can have photo booth props on either sides of the hall. You can customize your own photo booth props.

Table Decoration

Decorate your tables with cute underwater table cloths. Balloon bouquets, a glass jar filled with sea shells and white sand, octopus, mermaids and other sea animal posters and can be used as centre pieces for the table. Further provide your guests with our customized underwater theme cups, plates, tissues and food labels in the dining area.

Underwater theme entertainment ideas

Hire a tattoo artist,  so that each kid can have tiny images of sea animals or plants on their wrists or any other part. You can also hire a magician who can show tricks related to underwater.

Return gifts

Show your guests how valuable their presence is to you, by giving them our customized underwater return gift bags filled with some entertaining presents. Before your guests leave don't forget to ask them to pen down their wishes on the wish book.

Return gift ideas

Underwater stationery kit

Ocean theme sticker books

Underwater theme quilling set

Games for underwater theme party

Sand arts

Layers into groups and assign a sand pits along with a bucket and shovel. Give a picture of a simple sand castle and ask the groups to build the castle. The best castle wins.

Crab Walk Race 

Crab walk involves walking with your hands and feet with your belly up. Split the gathering into groups and have a relay race, or as individuals a race to the finish line is the game play.

Mermaid party hats for your under the sea party. Little mermaid party caps for your child

Mermaid party hats for your under the sea party. Little mermaid party caps for your child's underwater party to make the party extra special and memorable