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Underwater Theme Birthday Party Decoration/Supplies

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Ocean / Underwater Theme Birthday Party
The ocean and the water world bring out every kids fantasy - Mermaids, Dolphins, Treasure chests and ship wrecks. This Underwater Theme Party brings out all the mysteries of the ocean in vibrant blue and green.

Other ideas for an Underwater Theme Party

Invite : The invite can be shaped to a mermaid, or be a scroll inside a corked bottle !
Entrance : Let the guests to enter through a tunnel entering the ocean deep, or through the jaws of a blue whale !

Games for an Underwater Theme Party

  • Sand Art - Break up the players into groups and assign a sand pits along with a bucket and shovel. Give a picture of a simple sand castle and ask the groups to build the castle. The best castle wins.
  • Crab Walk Race - Crab walk involves walking with your hands and feet with your belly up. Split the gathering into groups and have a relay race, or as individuals a race to the finish line is the game play.