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Football Backdrop

₹ 480

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Recommended Size

House party: 4 feet wide
Garden/Outdoor: 6 feet wide
Hotel parties: 8 feet wide or larger

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Designed to your requirement and theme. Can be customized with your baby's name or a small snippet of text.


Fully customized design. You can add your kids name and some snippet of text you require on the product which will be added to the design.

The backdrop is a flex sheet - which is a rubber/plastic material which is folded like regular table covers and sent folded.
Open backdrop Half folded backdrop Fully folded backdrop

4-6 feet flex can be stuck to the wall using double side tape.

Larger backdrops are ideally stuck to a metal or wooden frame built to the exact size. Local wedding decorators will help out with the frame for these.

Alternately we can provide rivets (metal encased holes) which can be used to tie the backdrop from nails or the ceiling or tied to a curtain rod. The rivets are similar to holes seen in curtains available commercially.

Technical Details
Model Number 2722
Material Base quality flex
Item height 4 feet
Item width 4 feet
Additional Information
Assembling required No
Requires pictures for customization No
Minimum order quantity 1