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Bakery theme birthday party supplies

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The Bakery Theme Birthday Party
The bakery theme party was done for a little chef who loved her pots and pans. This party kit had everything in theme right from the invite to aprons for the little chefs. Bakery theme cutouts made this little garden turned kitchen the most yummiest place to be in where the little chefs baked their own cupcakes and cookies . The bakery theme party is a special and very rare theme to pick.

Games for a Bakery Theme Party

  • Pie eating contest - Line up pie's filled with whipped cream and kids along a long table. The kids are not allowed to use their hands which should bebehind their back during the game. The first person to finish the pie wins.
  • Guess the number of toffes - Fill a jar with a lot of toffees and get the kids to guess the number of toffee's in the jar. The closest guess wins the jar.