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Theme decor ideas for kids birthdays, baby showers, naming ceremonies & bachelorette parties

Baby Showers A baby shower is to celebrate the expected birth of a child and to greet the parents on the joys to come. This was traditionally a gathering of elders to share wisdom and shower gifts on the expecting parents. A modern baby shower is normally hosted by close relatives or friends and is restricted to women.

Games for Baby Showers

  • Jumble words - Create a list of baby words like mitten, powder, diaper etc. Now scramble the words and give each person the list. The winner is the personwho unscrambles the most number of words.
  • Baby Bingo - Just like normal bingo but instead of numbers have baby items on each ticket.
  • Guessing game - Put baby items in a bag. The players have to put their hand into the bag and guess what item they have held.