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Rainbow theme colorful birthday party decoration

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There is something special about the rainbow that makes everyone excited! Maybe it is the rains or maybe it is just the colours, but the sight of a rainbow brings a smile on everyone’s face. And no points for guessing the excitement it brings out in children. If your kid is also a rainbow fan, then there is no better theme for his/her upcoming birthday party than the rainbow theme. It is one of the most colourful themes and our rainbow themed birthday party supplies have everything you would need to throw a successful party filled with rainbows.

To invite the guests, you can choose from our variety of beautifully coloured invitation cards decorated with rainbows. As they enter the party area, leave the guests awestruck using our beautiful collection of rainbow themed arches created using colourful balloons. Another highlight using balloons is the baby name decoration which will feature the birthday boy’s/girl’s name decorated beautifully. Other highlights of our collection include footprints, rainbow with sun, baby name cutout and welcome board. Make sure you don’t miss on the name buntings and curtains as they will swirl elegantly setting the mood for the party. We also offer a collection of rainbow-themed covers like guest’s table cover, food table cover, cake table cover etc.

For the children to have a blast, we offer colored hats, wrist bands, 3D rainbow hats, badges, wish trees and many more colourful items. No party involving kids will ever be complete without games. So throwing in a game or two in between the celebrations would be a very good idea. Below are a few game ideas you can think along the lines of;

  1. Complete the Rainbow – The task is to pin the missing colour to the rainbow with a blindfold on. The child who pins the colour closest to the actual position, wins. Ensure that everyone gets consolation prices in order to keep the spirits high.
  2. Candy Race – Each team will be given a set of different coloured candies and cups. The task is to sort candies by colour into the cups. The team that completes the sorting activity first, wins. And the best part is that the children can feast on the candies once the activity is completed.

Ideas for your Rainbow Theme Party

  • Dress code : Prompt your guests to be dressed with all the colours of the rainbow, like different coloured clips and scarf to bring out the theme.
  • Entrance : Create a balloon arch with all the colours of the rainbow along with a red carpet.

Just like every child does, even your kid has been eagerly waiting for this birthday party. So it is your responsibility to make it the most memorable one for him/her. At Untumble, we strive towards making your celebrations all the more fun by creating each of the party supplies with your joy in mind and always striving to deliver top quality items. We also customize the party supplies based on your needs so that you get the best value for your trust in us.