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Party venues/Banquet halls in Coimbatore

Looking for places to host a party in Coimbatore apart from a marriage hall. Below is a list of banquet halls and other venues in Coimbatore for you to pick from. To add/update items on this list please comment below and it will be taken care of.

NOTE : Untumble does not book venues. Please contact the venue directly for bookings.

Hotel NameHall NameLocationCapacityGradeFoodLiquor AllowedOpen AirPool availableNotesContact No
Residency Ball Room Avinashi Road 300  Expensive   In house NoNoNo  04222241414 
Residency Senator Avinashi Road 150  Expensive   In house NoNoNo  04222241414 
Residency Legend 1 & 2 Avinashi Road 100  Expensive   In house NoNoNo  04222241414 
Grand Regent Sarvaa Main Avinashi Road 250  Affordable   In house NoNoNo  914224294444 
Grand Regent Sarvaa Mini Avinashi Road 100  Affordable   In house NoNoNo  914224294444 
Grand Regent Varsha, Vibha Avinashi Road 50  Affordable   In house NoNoNo  914224294444 
Taj Tango 1 & 2 Race Course 120  Expensive   In house YesNoNoNo extra power provided  04226681000 
Taj Cosmos Race Course 120  Expensive   In house YesYesNoNo extra power provided  04226681000 
ArcadiaBall Room Avinashi Road 100  Affordable   In house NoNoNo  04224567777 
ArcadiaTerminal 1 & 2 Avinashi Road 35  Affordable   In house NoNoNo  04224567777 
Clarion West Minister Avinashi Road 150  Affordable   In house NoNoNo  04224523030 
Clarion Windsor Avinashi Road 50  Affordable   In house NoNoNo  04224523030 
Le Meridian Pool side Avinashi Road 300  Expensive   In house NoYesYes  04222364343 
Le Meridian Banquet room 1 & 2 Avinashi Road 300  Expensive   In house NoNoNo  04222364343 
Aloft Banquet hall Singanallur 125  Affordable   In house YesNoNo  04226656000 
Rathna Residency Both halls Variety Hall Road 75  Affordable   In house YesNoNo  04224225666 
Cosmopolitan Club Paddock Race Course 75  Affordable   In house NoYesNo  04222223969 
English Club Garden hall Race Course 100  Affordable   In house NoYesNo  04224392582 
Whispering Stones Tiruchy Road 400  Affordable   Catering YesYesNo  9865853199 
Tamara Siruvani 100  Affordable   In house YesYesNoNot adviceable for dinner events  04222615779 
Brookfields mall Inside play area Brookbond Road 25  Affordable   Catering NoNoNoIdeal for pre teens birthday  04222255407 
Sindu Sadan R.S Puram 125  Affordable   Catering NoNoNo  04222556214 
Geetha Farm House Metupalayam Road 125  Affordable   Catering YesYesYesNot adviceable for dinner events due to elephant corridor  9843019585 
Vijay Park Inn Ram Nagar 125  Affordable   In house YesNoNo  04222235300 
Prince Park Ram Nagar 75  Affordable   In house YesNoNo  04224000900 
Nahar Underground Gandhipuram 100  Affordable   In house NoNoNo  04222470628 
Nahar Top floor Gandhipuram 50  Affordable   In house NoNoNo  04222470628 
Kart Attack Avinashi Road 100  Affordable   Catering YesYesNo  9842861090 
Dhamodhar center Top floor Avinashi Road 60  Affordable   Catering NoYesNo  9842855734 
Golf Course Pollachi Road 150  Affordable   In house YesYesNo   
Punjabi Association Thadagam Road 150  Affordable   Catering YesYesNo  8005070397 
ResidencyBike & BarrelAvinashi Road20  Expensive  In house NoNoNoPerfect for a small bachelor party. Private room inside Bikes 04222241414 
Creme CentreParty hallRace course50  Expensive  In house (Veg)NoNoNoOnly veg food 04224348889 
OrbisBanquet hallAvinashi Road80  Affordable  -NoNoNo  09677715900 
Midland residencyParadise, Elegant & FortuneTelugupalayam Pirivu, Perur Main Road200  Affordable   In house YesNoNo  08754046608 
Kerala ClubKC HallA.T.T. Colony100  Affordable   In house YesNoNoNeed members reference to book 04222213642 
R.S Puram Ladies clubClub hallWest Arokiasamy Road, R.S Puram80  Affordable  CateringNoNoNoNeed members reference to book 04222477603 
Farm SteadFarmRamanathapuram200  Affordable  CateringNoYesNoPh : 088700 10951 09842237380 
Little ItalyTrichy Road, Near Sungam Junction, Ramanathap50  Affordable   In house NoNoNo 09344462229 
Veda Banquet HallVeda Banquet HallNanjundapuram200  Affordable   CateringNoNoVEE AAR Complex, S.N.V Garden Road, Nanjundapuram. Ph : 0422 4200022, 9047777847 09047777847 
Comfort HotelsD.B Road, R.S Puram150  Affordable  Pure vegNoNoNoBang on D.B Road 04224364368 
ZoneZoneAvinashi Road50  Affordable   In house NoNoNoNice hall for a small private party 04224005000 
Rajasthan sangGround, first and roof topD.B Road, R.S Puram2000  Affordable   CateringNoYesNoPure veg outside catering. Bang on DB Road.  04222551775 
Gujarati SamajGujarati SamajMettupalayam road, new Chintamani300  Affordable  CateringNoNoNoPure veg outside catering 04222546896 
Vijay ElanzaAuraAvinashi Road (Near PSG Tech)700  Affordable  In houseNoNoNo+914224004000 04224004000 
Vijay ElanzaOpalAvinashi Road (Near PSG Tech)400  Affordable  In houseNoNoNo+914224004000 4224004000 
HaribhavanAvinashi Road near Suguna Kalyanamandapam150  Affordable  In HouseNoNoNoGood non-veg 4224398221 
Sree AnnapoornaKalaiarangamR.S Puram 300  Affordable  In houseNoNoNoVegetarian +(91)-422-45224 
Radisson BluGrand BallroomAvinashi Road600  Expensive  In houseNoNoNo 0422 222 6000 
Radisson BluMeeting hallAvinashi Road15  Expensive  In houseNoNoNo3 meeting halls available 0422 222 6000 
Radisson BluParty HallAvinashi Road75  Expensive  In houseNoNoNo 0422 222 6000 
Sree AnnapoornaGanga HallR.S Puram75  Affordable  In houseNoNoNo +(91)-422-45224 
Sree AnnapoornaParty HallSaibaba Colony125  Affordable  In houseNoNoNo +(91)-422-45224 
Sree AnnapoornaAarunya HallAvinashi Road, KMCH200  Affordable  In houseNoNoNo +(91)-422-45224 
Ananyas NestParty hallSaibaba Colony150  Affordable  In houseNoNoNo 0422 2444040 
Dwaraka InnBungalowKK Pudur200  Affordable  CateringYesYesYes +91-422-2436969 
Castle TownParty hallAvinashi Road, Nava India70  Affordable  In houseNoNoNoKids play area 0422 421 4567 
Svarga ResidencyBanquet HallVadavalli100  Affordable  In houseNoNoNo 0422 242 6655 
Svarga ResidencyPartyVadavalli40  Affordable  In houseNoNoNo 0422-2426655 
Heritage InnSheesh MahalRamnagar100  Affordable  In houseNoNoNo 0422 223 1451 
Heritage InnSangam HallRamnagar35  Affordable  In houseNoNoNo 0422 223 1451 
Heritage InnBoard RoomRamnagar15  Affordable  In houseNoNoNo 0422 223 1451 
CAG PrideGalleriaGandhipuram200  Affordable  In houseNoNoNo 04224317777 
CAG PridePride Lounge 1Gandhipuram100  Affordable  In houseNoNoNo 04224317777 
CAG PridePride Lounge 2Gandhipuram30  Affordable  In houseNoNoNo 04224317777 
CAG PrideBoard RoomGandhipuram25  Affordable  In houseNoNoNo 04224317777 
PoppysBanquetSaibaba Colony600  Affordable  In houseNoNoNo 04224978181 
PoppysParty Hall (2 nos)Saibaba Colony75  Affordable  In houseNoNoNo 04224978181 
Windsor GardensGardensSiruvani Main Road500  Affordable  CateringNoYesYesGreat venue for outdoor venue 9444377702 
Windsor GardensConference HallSiruvani Main Road40  Affordable  CateringNoNoYes 9444377702 
RHR Veg RestaurantMP HallRamanthapuram200  Affordable  In-houseNoNoNoFully air conditioned 04224305735,042 
Kovai KondatamParty venuePerur road400  Affordable  CateringNoYesYesIts a theme park 04222606852,042 
LandmarkParty hallBharath kar Road75  Affordable  In houseNoNoNoVery affordable 04224388837 
Zip By Spree Hotels Mangala InternationalCelebrate -1Ramnagar190  Affordable  In-houseYes1800 sqft 04222232012,13, 
Zip By Spree Hotels Mangala InternationalCelebrate -2Ramnagar50  Affordable  In-houseYes900 sqft 0422 2232012,13 
Zip By Spree Hotels Mangala InternationalCelebrate -3Ramnagar180  Affordable  In-houseYes1700 sqft 0422 2232012,13 
Zip By Spree Hotels Mangala InternationalCelebrate -4Ramnagar200  Affordable  In-houseYes1900 sqft 0422 2232012,13 
Kings Bell Function HallMettupalayam Road150    Catering NoYesNo  9840249500 
Welcom HotelBanquet hallRace Course100  Affordable  In HouseYesNoNo +9142 2222 6555 
HR Holiday ResidencyPlatinumSaravanampatti300  Affordable  In houseYesNo 7397785070 
HR Holiday ResidencyTidinSaravanampatti200  Affordable  In houseYesNo 7397785070 
HR Holiday ResidencySky loungeSaravanampatti60  Affordable  In houseYesYesYes 7397785070 
The C.U.T.E CornerParty HallR.S.Puram50  Affrodable  NoNoNoNoKids Activity Centre 8903952529 
Dawn to DuskParty hall and event venueKalapatti150  Affordable  CateringNoYesNoIdeal for Birthdays, Engagement, Baby shower, Get-together, Reunion, Meetings, Workshops, Sangeet, Mehandhi, Homam etc +919843192425 
Red DoorRestaurantRace Course25  Affordable  YesNoNoNo 04224206960 
Park ElanzaBanquetDr Nanjapaa Rd50  Affordable   YesYesNoYes  
Hi Five CafeCafeSarvanampatty30  Affordable  YesNoYesNo 9940888633 
Cafe Cake BeeCafeSaibaba Colony30  Affordable  YesNoNoNo 8973731113 
10 Downing StreetArcadia, Peelamedu50  Affordable  YesYesNoNo 04224567777 
French DoorRestaurantRS Puram60  Affordable  YesNoNoNo 7094454044 
La CafeCafeRS Puram30  Affordable  YesNoNoNo 04222933333 
Fab CafeRestaurantRace Course50  Expensive  YesNoNoNo  
Cafe TotaramCafeRace Course30  Affordable  YesNoNoNo 04224364116 
TapriwalaCafeRS Puram20  Affordable  YesNoNoNo 8056546022 
SeasonsRestaurantRS Puram50  Affordable  YesNoNoNo 04222545055 
SR Jungle ResortBanquetAnaikatti50  Affordable  YesNoYesNo  
My Village - Eco Rural ResortBanquetAnaikatti100  Affordable  YesNoYesYes 04222228000 
Coco LagoonBanquetPollachi100  Affordable  YesYesYesYes 9849046005