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Theme decor ideas for kids birthdays, baby showers, naming ceremonies & bachelorette parties

Flintstone Theme Birthday Party

Kids of all ages love watching cartoons. And one of the classic cartoons that kids and adults both love is Flintstones. So why not give the kids something to enjoy and the adults something to be nostalgic about by hosting a unique Flintstone party? Our Flintstone theme birthday supplies are just what you need to host the perfect theme party effortlessly.

Right from balloons to posters and more, our Flintstone-themed collection is bursting with fun party supplies that you will love. Exhibiting all your favourite Flintstone characters, it is perfect for a little boy or girl’s birthday. In addition, you can customize all of these fascinating products with your kid’s name and age. You can also add any other text of your choice on certain products.

Start decorating your party venue or home with our cheerful yellow and white polka dot balloons. We also have balloon pumps on sale to help you get the rubber latex balloons filled up in a jiffy. Spruce up your focal wall with our eye-catching flex backdrop featuring all the lovable characters from the Flintstone cartoon. You can choose the size that you need and add your child’s name and age to get a wonderful personalized backdrop for your bash.

Deck your party space with several character cut outs. We have Bambam, Hoppy, Fred Flintstone, Betty, Dino and more. We also have an interesting Flintstone photo booth which features the characters that everyone loves. Kids will love posing in this fun booth and getting their pictures clicked.

Complete your party decor with charming Flintstone table covers. They are designed in the coordinating yellow polka dotted and orange print, with images of all the endearing characters.

To add interest and life to the celebration, you can have fun party games based on the theme. Take a look at a few ideas:

  1. STONE AGE DRESS UP - All you have to do is gather some orange, brown and black cloth material. Simply cut the edges in a jagged finish to match the Flintstone’s clothing. Have all the kids dress up like the Flintstones by tying the cloth over one shoulder.
  2. BOWLING - We all know how much Fred Flintstone loves bowling. Incorporate this into your games by setting up a couple of small bowling alleys. Place 10 empty two litre bottles for each alley. Stuff the bottles with white tissue paper. Let the kids try knocking them over with a small ball.

Hosting a theme birthday party for your kid is now easy and enjoyable with our complete collection of party supplies. At Untumble, we provide the best personalized decorations and birthday supplies that will make every child’s birthday more memorable.