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Theme decor ideas for kids birthdays, baby showers, naming ceremonies & bachelorette parties


Twins mean twice the fun and madness that a single child is capable of. If you have a set of twins of your own, you know the joy and excitement they bring each day to everyone around them. For these two little ones, throwing a birthday party can be a little challenging. But don’t fret, our Hello Kitty and Lion King birthday party theme is just perfect for the occasion.

Our twins’ birthday themed collection is filled with beautiful decorations. Deck up your party space with adorable theme banners, bunting and balloons. We also offer cute ceiling hangings and posters that match with the other decorations. They are designed in pink and blue to go perfectly with a girl and boy theme. You can personalize these decor products with your children’s names and age for added fun.

Keep kids excited about the birthday bash by handing out the sweet party invites beforehand. When they arrive, spread the party fever with the lovely Hello Kitty masks and Lion King hats. You will also find wonderful straw toppers, beverage cups, shaped food labels, cupcake toppers and popcorn cones, all printed with fun images and text that match this theme. Finally, our Hello Kitty gift bags will leave every child smiling when he or she goes home after the party.

Make sure your guests have a great time at the birthday bash by arranging some fun-filled games that they will enjoy. Here are some interesting ideas:

  1. Laughing hyenas Kids who watched the hyenas in the Lion King movie will have fun playing this simple game. Simply ask the kids to not laugh. Then try to make the kids laugh with jokes, antics and more. You can also ask the kids to try and make each other laugh. The one who goes the longest without laughing wins the game.
  2. Follow the kitty A fun take on the classic game ‘follow the leader’. Get the kids to follow the instructions of a leader called kitty (one of the adult guests can do this). The children have to do whatever the leader says and does as they move around. You can try hopping, jumping, being an animal, running, waving arms and more. The kids who miss out on any instruction will be out of the game.

You can host a wonderful theme party effortlessly for your twins on their birthday with supplies from Untumble. At Untumble, we offer the best themed party supplies which can be completely customized with your baby’s name, age and more. Browse the various themes we offer, and throw the most exciting birthday party for your little ones.