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Theme decor ideas for kids birthdays, baby showers, naming ceremonies & bachelorette parties

Strawberry Shortcake Theme Birthday Party

Cute and adorable, Strawberry Shortcake is loved by every little girl. Does this sweet character look as sweet and pretty as your very own little girl? Then hosting a beautiful Strawberry Shortcake party for her next birthday makes perfect sense. All your little guests will love this fun party and are sure to have a wonderful time.

Decorations, balloons, backdrops, table covers and more; our Strawberry Shortcake themed collection is packed with all the supplies you could think of. Designed in pink and green with the images of beloved Strawberry and her friends, they are great for a little girl’s party. What’s more, you can personalize all of these products with your daughter’s name, age or any custom text for added fun.

Deck your party space with our cheerful pink and white polka dot balloons. We also sell balloon pumps to help you fill the rubber latex balloons effortlessly. Spruce up the entrance with our themed banners and cut-outs. Design an attention-grabbing focal wall with a lovely flex backdrop featuring all the beloved characters from the Strawberry Shortcake series. Select the size that you want and add your baby’s name and age to take home a personalized backdrop for your party. Set our Shortcake With Pets and Shortcake With Strawberry around the venue.

Hand out our Strawberry Shortcake hats, blowers and wristbands to each child to make them feel part of the celebrations. Get our themed table covers and centrepieces to complete the decor settings. Send the children home with sweet little goodies packed in our themed gift bags that are embellished with a lovely thank you quote.

To add to the fun, you can arrange a few games that go with your Strawberry Shortcake birthday party theme. Here are some ideas:

  1. Guess the fruit: Blindfold the children and let them try to guess what fruit they are smelling. You can go for fruits such as oranges, bananas, strawberries, apples, and more.
  2. Edible jewellery making: Buy assorted polo mints and small cookies with holes. You also need some plain white string. Cut the string into 10 to 12-inch segments and hand them to the kids with the candy and cookies. The kids have to string them together to make cute edible bracelets for themselves. You can help the kids knot the ends of the thread and tie them onto their wrists.

You will definitely host a memorable party for your daughter’s birthday with our Strawberry Shortcake themed party supplies. At Untumble, we can help you throw fun-filled parties by offering you the best personalized decorations and birthday supplies.