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Trains have always fascinated kids. Travelling in trains, playing with toy trains, and even watching trains whizz by on a railway track delights most little children. If your child is also crazy about trains, then a train-themed birthday celebration will be perfect for them. You can consider throwing a Thomas the Tank Engine themed party, which has the lovable train character as the star of the show. It is fun and easy to arrange with supplies from Untumble.

To get everyone aboard your party express, you will need the right decorations to spruce up your event space. Our beautiful Thomas train cut outs, as well as cut outs of his train friends James and Percy, will add a fun element to your event decor. We also offer a charming entrance banner with a quote that will set the mood for the party as your guests enter in. 

Birthday decorations are incomplete without balloons, hence we offer eye-catching polka dotted balloons in blue and red. What’s more, we also stock up on balloon pumps which will make decorating a cake walk.

Your guests will start warming up to the theme when you hand out fun hats, badges and wristbands that feature Thomas train. The matching food labels, cupcake stand and cups will complete your set of party supplies for this theme. You can customize our decorations and party supplies with your child’s name, age and/or other unique text, to make the birthday bash even more special and fun. 

Enliven your birthday party and get the little guests involved in games and activities. This will take the energy level of the event up by a notch and keep everyone entertained. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

  • ENGINE RACE: Kids love to race! This is a fun sack race game that is altered slightly to match the birthday theme. Get sacks for the children, and paint them blue, grey and red to go with the theme. Arrange the kids at the start point and get them into the ‘engine’ sacks. They have to hop their way to the finish line, and the one that reaches first gets a prize.
  • HUNT FOR THOMAS: Print pictures of Thomas train, and stick them onto some cards. Then hide them around the party space; under chairs, at the food counter, behind banners and posters, or any other space in the room that make good for hiding. Set the kids on a hunt for Thomas with a time limit. The child who collects the most number of cards wins the game.

At Untumble, you will find everything you need to host the most spectacular Thomas Train birthday party. When you start planning a birthday party for your child, stop by at Untumble to gift your child a party they will remember for years to come. 

Our extensive collection of customizable themed party supplies ensures that you will find something that your child loves. Planning and decorating a themed birthday was never so easy, fun, and enjoyable!